Most Popular Easy to Grow Plants Perfect for Wedding Party Favors

4 Easy to Grow Plants for Wedding Party Favors


Why should you consider giving plants away as a party favor?

They are inexpensive, not only are they a gift, they become an experience, they can teach people things, and the ones we have selected are very low maintenance.

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Your guests will love plants are party favors as much as they love a Charter Bus Rental Duluth can rely on.

So before you part with your guests or grab the Party Bus Rental Duluth recommended for the after party, be sure to give them a gift that keeps on growing!

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Aloe Vera

Not only is it easy to grow, but it is also useful in the event of a skin abrasion or burn. Aloes like to have well-drained soil.

Snake Plant

This one is also known as Mother-in-laws tongue. It’s very popular as an easy to grow indoor plant since it is not the least bit picky. Does well in low sunlight, to high sun, and your guests can even forget about it for weeks at a time and it will be just fine.


You may have even seen this one after grabbing a Limo Bus Duluth can rely on for transportation to restaurants. This plant is popular in many eateries because of it’s growing habits and ease of care. The Philodendron is a vine plant that looks wonderful draped over bookshelves.

Golden Barrel Cactus

For dry climate and friends and family that are on the road often, this cactus is perfect. It likes well-drained rocky soil, and can even be left in a window for weeks without water. And still produce a beautiful yellow flower.

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