You have probably seen videos posted on YouTube of the wedding toast horrors.

The intoxicated best man who said way too much, the moody bridesmaid who stole the spotlight. Or the friend who thinks toasting is an opportunity for their stand-up comedy routine.

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If you are already fearing that you will have to grab your friend. And send them away on an Atlanta Limo Bus, consider how to stop it before it starts. If you just want to have fun night grab Atlanta Limo rentals and start the rest of your life on a positive note—we have some valuable tips to keeping things under control.

The best place to start is limiting the amount of free alcohol your guests can have. Many couples have weddings where their guests are issued 2 tickets that they can spend for 2 drinks at the bar, from there. It is up for them to pay for their drinks. You may be surprised at how well this works.

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If you are a beer connoisseur and plan on grabbing a keg from a local brewery, keep in mind the number of your guests. You wouldn’t want to set up 5 kegs for a mere 100 people. Consider buying a few half kegs, that way if you don’t want people to start acting as if they are on the Party Bus Rental Atlanta recommended already, there won’t be as much beer to go around.

Be sure to label the alcohol content of local brews. We are often higher than the average domestic beer. Remind your guests that you are having an after party on a Cheap Party Bus Atlanta visitors will love. That way they will be more likely to pace themselves. Call us today at (470)-400-9889

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