4 Great Reasons to Put Your Own Twist on the Wedding Cake Cutting Tradition

A wedding tradition is a special moment in which you honor the days of past with a signature item or endeavor.

For many weddings the tradition of the newlyweds departing the venue by way of limo rental Atlanta, is just as important as the newlyweds sharing cutlery to slice the first piece of wedding cake. This wedding season, take a moment to plan a way to cut the cake in your own way for a twist on the wedding tradition.

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Does your family heritage have royal blood? If so, you can use the family sword to honorably cut the cake. If you wish to honor a Civil War or military heritage you may find that your family has a saber that was worn by a high ranking officer. Combine the tradition of cutting the cake with an Atlanta party bus rental arrival and a showmanship of heritage.

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In the event you wish to avoid large sharp objects, a simple cake cutting tool can work just as well. Have your cake and eat it too, but find a special way to handle the tradition. Newlyweds have been finding ways to spice up the cake cutting ceremony for a long time, and the ideas keep getting better. From cutting the cake and running to the limousine service in Atlanta GA for a sweet getaway, to cutting the cake mid air while skydiving.

Laugh and feel honored to be a part of this fantastic endeavor. That could only be afforded by the strength of love and tradition.


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