5 Delicious Reasons to Try a Wedding Pie Instead of Cake

5 Great Reasons Will Love a Wedding Pie More Than a Cake


The wedding has always come with the tradition of a wedding cake, but what if you have always preferred pie?

If the answer is yes to pie then you are in luck, with thousands of options to choose from you can have your pie and eat it too.

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If you are having an abundance of charter bus rental Duluth traveling guests a Blackberry pie could have the theme of the luxury matched quite well. Try to think of what pies reflect your theme and your options will start to narrow.

Blueberry pie, raspberry? Match the colors of your wedding theme with these creations of joy and everything will fall into place. A bus charter Duluth loves and a row of hot pies cooling inside the venue will afford a wonderful experience that while close to tradition cut its own path.

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Key lime pie in the summer and pumpkin in the fall. Matching pie selection to season is also a great way to make the switch to pie from cake easy, guests will feel that the selection is more natural and fun just like the party bus rental Duluth offers.

If you love pie and can imagine the scent and warmth of them coming from the cooling table, then this idea is a must for your wedding. Be sure to have the options of coffee and vanilla ice cream available as well, as some guests may hold their own tradition when it comes to enjoying the flaky pastry. Call us today  – (470)-400-9889

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